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 STRICTLY GROOVAS is a DJ duo based in Toronto, Canada. Namely Mista Ice and  DJ Leo Gee Gee. STRICTLY GROOVAS has been active in the Toronto Club/Event scene since April 2011 formally. The DJ duo has grown from strength to strength since its formal inception and are known to bring an eclectic style of Dance Music infused with elements of Deep House, Afro House, Ancestral, Soul and Rare Groove. STRICTLY GROOVAS has blessed the City of Toronto with a fresh new approach to Dance Music. 
Strictly Groovas has played at the following reputable venues in Toronto ; Bunda Lounge; Rasputin Vodka Bar; Harlem Restaurant; College Street Bar; Li’ly Resto Lounge as well as hosted the Botswana Independence Celebrations twice.


  1. i love strictly groovas.i am a number 1 fan shapa strictly groovas shapa.keep it up Mista Ice & Dj Leo Gee Gee

  2. We appreciate the love!! its a Love for Good Music that brings us together

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