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Stanton S250 CD player DJ Product Review


Stanto250 CD player DJ Product Review.

STRICTLY GROOVAS, the Canadian based DJ duo has been recently looking at the the Equipment that has inundated the Market in this very respectable Industry called DJying and have come to a concensus that “new” is not necessarily the best. In this Review we pay homage to a piece of Equipment that has been in the STRICTLY GROOVAS STUDIOS for the past 4 years!! Yes the almighty Stanton -s250. I remember when I first purchased this gear from a seller downtown Toronto who really had no business owning them. I loved the sleek design and the fact that Stanton had put the LED facing up towars the DJ ..which was a drastic improvement from the Dual CD Players I was accustomed to at the time.

Ok so the Pros : Light weight , excellent response when cueing tracks, Digital Outs for flawless recording, NO BPM!!! yes I said it, if you wanna claim to be a DJ try cueing without sync buttons and BPM Counters that will teach you to respect the art and be more in tune with your Music.

The Cons were that if you had boys over and were drinking and constantly causing commotion around the decks they did not have an Anti Shock Buffer, so occassionally tracks would skip..other than that this is my best friend and will never sell it..DOPE CD PLAYERS!!!


DJ Leo Gee Gee



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